Macha Belsky was born in Russia in Moscow, has a degree from the School of Architecture and ,at first, worked as an architect. She came to France (Lyon) in 1996 and since 1999 has devoted herself entirely to painting.
Her favourite subject is the urban landscape: “For me the town is a universe that moves and breathes, is full of hidden passions, light and shadows, that live independently of its inhabitants….”. Her artistes palette is gentle and harmonious and yet charged with tension and excitement.
The houses and trees that dance thrust you into another world where the workaday town becomes something unstable and fantastic where even the air vibrates…. Her style is inspired by the Russian painters of the early 20th century: Malevitch, Soutine and Chagall.
Macha exhibits in the galleries and salons of France, Russia, Germany, the United States and Canada.
Since 2008 she has taken part in the Salon “Comparaisons”, ART EN CAPITAL, at the Grand Palais in Paris. Her works are to be found in private collections at Moscow, St. Petersburg, Brussels, Geneva, Toronto, New-York.

"All my creation is consacrated to my son Ilya, autist."
Macha Belsky



Exhibitions as Guest Artist:

Artists’ Salon of Val Noir, June 2008, Vaugnery
Autumn Salon of the Ternaysarts Painters, November 200b, Ternay
Salon Regain, Lyon November 2010, as part of the “Année Croisée” France and Russia
Salon of Saint-Savin, Isèrer, April 2011
Art Festival of Montseveroux, July 2012

37 Salon des Arts d’Automne, Mornant, Rhône 69, octobre 2013
Rive-de-Giers, Salon d'Automne , october 2018


One Man Shows

“My Passion: Lyon and Russia”, inaugurated by the Russian Ambassador
Town Hall of the 6ème, Lyon, May 2009
“L’oeil Ecoute” gallery, Lyon, February 2009
“Galerie St. George”, Lyon, January 2012
Media Centre, Ecully, 69130, February 2012
“Lionnes de Kaolin” gallery 69620 Oingt, May 2012
Cabinet Bellecour, Lyon, décembre 2013
Galerie ENTRE’VUES, Charbonnières-les-Bains, 69260, février 2014
"Charité" gallery, Lyon, avril 2014
"Artichaut" gallery, Lyon, juin 2014
Lons -le-Saunier, 39000, mars 2015
Tarare, 69170, 2014, avril 2015

"Le Ciel de Lyon", Diocèse de Lyon, janvier - mars 2018



Silver Medal, “Académie Art-Sciences-Lettres”, Paris

Golden Palette, “Biennale de Craponne » 2006 and 2015 
Creativity Prize “Painting” CREAC 2008
President’s Prize, “ Hivernal de Lyon”
Silver Medal, European Academy of Arts, Paris
Jury Prize, “Salon Arts et Lumières”, Vourles
Artists’ Prize, “Salon St. Pierre de Chandieu”
Landscape Medal “Salon à Vienne”
Silver Medal, “Salon à Pont de Cheruy”
“Prix de la Maison du Peintre” 2nd Pastel International Biennale,Lyon



Since 2008 in DROUOT COTATION Edition

Public Auctions:

For the “Grèce défigurée” with Maître CONAN, 2008, Palais de Bondy, Lyon
“Coeur d’Artistes” The French Order of Malta, October 2011, novembre 2014, octobre 2017, Lyon


Collective exhibitions:

Salon LYON et SUD-EST 2013, Palais Municipal - 20 quai de Bondy – Lyon 5;
Salon de Printemps 2012, SLBA, Lyon; Salon Regain 2010, Lyon ;
Salon d’Hiver (Hivernal de Lyon) 2004 - 2011;
Art en Capital, Salon « Comparaisons », Paris 2008, 2009;
Salon Ouest Lyonnais, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, sociétaire depuis 2011;
ARTWAY, Alliance Française de Lyon, 2010;
« Groupe de 12 » Lyon 2008 -2011 ; Académie Lyonnais de Peinture-ALP, 2004 – 2007,
Artistes Villeurbannais depuis 2001; « Artistorium », Lyon, 2001 – 2008;
"Portrait of Soul, Portrait of Town", Lons-le-Saunier and Tarare, 2014
International Art Exhibition, World Trade Centre St.Louis, USA;
GIAL , Francfort, Allemagne.